Full size bed made into bench


Here is another bench made from a full size bed that my husband made. This one I decided to leave stained and put 3 coats of oil based poly.  The new wood was stained to match the walnut finish.   The footboard was cut down the middle and became  the side pieces and one of the slats became the front part of the bench.  Some side pieces (shaped like boxes) and a long back piece all made out of cypress were added  so the cushions would fit. (see picture in collage below) It also works as a great area to put a book or your coffee.  The cushions came from Lowe’s and are the kind that can be on a porch or patio.  This bench is comfy for stretching out and reading a book. For sitting it would definitely fit a taller person better.  I love the way the poly made it look – it even got rid of some water marks that I didn’t like near the headboard circle.  It does have a few worn and distressed areas on the bench from age but it is very sturdy and comfortable.  I think it is a great piece for a foyer or covered patio.  It is for sale for $300.  (includes cushions and pillows)