Cypress frame for floor length mirror

I mentioned to my husband that I needed a floor length mirror to put in the bedroom. The cheap rectangle (door type mirror) that we used to have broke. He said he thought he could make me one. So we looked up some pictures of floor mirrors to figure out the measurements. Then he went to his workshop to see what kind of wood he had.


He had this beautiful and unusually shaped piece of cypress from his brother’s land in Mississippi.  It was hard for me to envision how this would work but I knew he had a plan and could do it.


He cut it into two pieces and cut off some of the end pieces to make the frame on each side of the mirror.


He used a piece of cedar for the top and bottom part of the frame.

New Phototastic Collage

We purchased the mirror for around $50 from a local glass store. He attached a piece of wood to the back with a hinge to make it a standing easel type mirror.


Here is the finished mirror in our master bedroom. It came out beautiful.





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