Glitter Projects for Photo Shoot

This week I got to play with lots of glitter doing some projects for my daughter’s photo shoot. She is doing a “Smash Cake” type session for someone celebrating their 30th birthday. Being a former Kindergarten teacher I’ve had a lot of experience with glitter but I just found out an easier way to do this without the messy glue. (Thanks to Pinterest) For these projects I sprayed on the Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer and then sprinkled the glitter. I did it in small sections because with the heat the spray doesn’t stay wet for long. One thing I learned after struggling with taking the labels off of the wine bottle was that I could have just left the labels on and glittered right over them and it would have covered it well enough.  On all the projects I sprayed a layer of the mod podge sealer on top to help keep the glitter on but I will say they still shed glitter a good bit when handled. I can’t wait to see how the pictures come out after tonight’s photo shoot. Here is a picture of how she set it up for the photo shoot.IMG_0493IMG_0490