Painted & Distressed China Cabinet

img_2170_collage-with-writingThis china cabinet has been in my shop for a few years now.  We really needed to use this area for extra seating for the restaurant so I was glad when a friend called up and was interested in it for her mother who lost her china cabinet in the recent flood.  I should have painted it a long time ago – I think it would have sold much sooner. It was my first large china cabinet makeover and it was hard to stop once I got into it.  I basically did the whole piece in one day with the exception of the added decorative piece on the drawer.

The first step was to take off all of the hardware and the bottom cabinet doors and to take out the 2 long drawers.  My husband lifted the top part of the cabinet off and put on a table so it would be easier to reach and paint.

img_2179_collage-final-with-titlesMy friend and I were texting back and forth all day trying to make decisions about the project.  Her mother wanted it painted Duck Egg Blue which is comparable to Sherwin William’s Halcyon Green color and one of my favorite colors too.   We came up with gray for the inside of the upper cabinet and the drawers. I chose Sherwin William’s Morning Fog which complimented the Halcyon Green color and  I figured her white china would show up well with this background color.

image2_collageI didn’t even notice this beautiful flower carving on each side of the cabinet until right before I painted it.  It really stands out after it was painted and distressed.  My friend had asked if I could add some decorative pieces to it and I sent her this picture to show that it had some already on it.





I took out the old felt lining and replaced it with some new gray felt.  My husband had to make a new piece under one of  the drawers for it to slide in and out on.






filigree-2I felt like it needed one more decorative piece on the long drawer that only had two handles.  I found this one at Michaels Craft store and it was already painted gray. All I had to do was add a few touches of metallic rub to tie it in with the handles on the drawers. I glued it on with cement glue.


A close up of the finished cabinet with the decorative piece added.

A close up of the finished cabinet with the decorative piece added.

To complete the project I put Cee Cee Caldwell’s clear wax on the entire piece and then put the original hardware back on. I can’t wait to see a picture of it in it’s new home.  It was such a great stress relief for me to work on this project and I sure hope it will bring some joy in a difficult situation that she has been in with losing her home and belongings in the flood.






“The Great Flood of 2016” in Louisiana

img_2019It’s been a long time since I posted a blog on my website because here in Louisiana we experienced a devastating flood in August called “The Great Flood of 2016”.  It has affected everyone in our area whether their house flooded or not.  Two-thirds of our parish’s population ( 30,000 to 40,000 homes ) were impacted by historic floodwater. Nearly 800 businesses were affected.  Thank God, our businesses – “Country Kitchen” and “Ginger’s Attic” were not flooded. It was very close; the water was up to the top of the “New River” that runs in front of our business by the railroad tracks and some houses two blocks away on each side got water.   We are very blessed!  We were able to open on most of the days even when the flooding was happening around our area so that we could get food out to people.  Some meals were delivered and some of the area workers and rescue workers such as “The Cajun Navy” came out and we gave out many free meals that first week.  We have also been giving out free meal coupons to those affected by the flood to come get a good home style cooked meal. Sometimes people need a boost and comfort food will help.  When people check out at our restaurant we hear stories of the problems people are facing. It is heartbreaking! Since this flood was unexpected and historical many people who flooded were not in flood zones and didn’t have flood insurance.  People have had to throw out all or part of their belongings onto the street and then watch trucks come by and pick up things they have accumulated during their lifetime. Many are having to have their home bulldozed.  It is especially hard on the elderly. How do they start over at this time in their lives?   Our family was personally affected by this event with our two daughter’s houses flooding and our rent house where my sister and brother-in-law live.  It has been a whirlwind of packing, gutting, cleaning, insurance and FEMA  issues, and hard, hard decisions that have to be made, especially with my daughters.  We had family living with us and they brought along an animal family of 10 guinea pigs, 3  dogs, and a cat!    I personally feel like I have moved 3 times in the last month with all the packing  sorting, discarding, and storing of 3 households of stuff.  I didn’t do much gutting in houses – we had help doing that.   We are so blessed with many people that have come forward to help – friends, family members, church members, golf buddies, groups from other areas, donations from people – even strangers!  Louisiana is very proud of the way we have come together to get through this strategy and we are relying on God to continue to guide us and get us through it.

My workshop where I do my crafting was loaded with stuff of my daughters. It was all disorganized thrown in whatever could hold stuff, mostly garbage bags.  So when I finally got it packed in storage containers and moved to other areas of storage I had to do some crafting. Crafting is my STRESS RELIEF and boy did I need it!  The idea of making some plaques about Louisiana and what we were going through had come to me during the 2nd week of it when I saw sayings all over media and facebook about Louisiana Strong.  I ordered some Louisiana stencils on Amazon.  About the 3rd week of recovery I was able to take a break and do some crafting and it was a comforting, release of stress.


I used my cricut machine to do some of the lettering. I already had the wooden plaques. My husband had made them months ago and I was just waiting for the right project to use them on.


img_2007img_2010 img_2009img_2023img_2011

Another hard thing to deal with was the losing of almost all of the furniture that I have made for my daughters the last 5 years. When I look at my blogs and my “Gingerly Refurbished” page I see so many projects that I did that had to be thrown out. I was at my daughter’s house (the photographer)  and witnessed the truck scooping up her furniture and things into the dumpster. That was hard to watch.  I know it is just things and we shouldn’t be attached to things but it is still hard seeing your labors of love go in the dumpster.  Two sentimental pieces were saved at my other daughter’s house – the coffee table and end table that I had in my house growing up. Those were the only pieces of furniture she put up high before she left.  Neither of my daughters thought their house would flood.  They were out helping with flood relief the day before their houses flooded.

Here is my daughter bringing supplies to flood victims. Little did she know the next day her house would be flooded.

Here is my daughter bringing supplies to flood victims. Little did she know the next day her house would be flooded.

We have seen a lot of good come out of the “Great Flood of 2016”.  We pray for the people of Louisiana and know that we will recover and we will be stronger for it. It is just going to be a long road for a lot of people and we have to be patient and trust God. He will provide!