Red Rooster Chair

IMG_4478One of my latest projects is this Red Rooster Chair.  Before the makeover this chair was very plain and not very attractive and I came close to giving up on it.  My husband had to work really hard to get it reinforced and sturdy again.

IMG_0765_collageI took off the seat cushion and the next step was to go through my upholstery material to see which one would go with this chair.  As soon as I put the rooster material up to it I knew this had to be it.  I had just the exact amount needed leftover from a project I did years ago and I have always loved this material.  I sanded it some and then painted it Sherwin Williams Intellectual gray made into chalk paint and put on a clear wax. The next day when I set the cushion on top to see what it would look like I really liked the gray but I decided to go forth with my original plan of painting red on top of the gray to give it a two tone effect.  I painted a thin coat of Sherwin Williams Antique Red made into chalk paint and sanded in some places right away because I wanted it to be heavily distressed. The wax I did the day before also helped the effect of it looking very distressed without having to do a lot of sanding.


IMG_0776_collageIMG_0782_collageI clear waxed the chair, let it seep into the wood for a day and then dark waxed it the next day. You can see on the close-up picture of the back slats of the chair the difference it made with the dark wax. The 1st two slats have the dark wax.  I love doing simple projects like this and seeing the results right away.  Sometimes people come into the shop just wanting a single chair for a kitchen area or a desk.  This one is available at “Ginger’s Attic” for $48.

This shows the before and after of the chair.

This shows the before and after of the chair.



Bench made from twin bed frame

IMG_6591_collageHere is another bench made from a twin bed. The foot board was cut in half and used as the sides. The headboard is used for the back.  This frame didn’t have any rails with it but was in very good shape and very sturdy.  The only part that had some damage was 2 small areas around the knobs which I fixed with some wood putty.  I also had to cover the metal screws with wood putty.  Usually we redo old pieces of furniture; this was probably the newest piece we have done.


This shows the building of the bench.

IMG_6470_collageI purchased material for pillows and a cushion and then picked the paint colors.  My sister offered to do the sewing. I first painted the bench with white primer. Then I painted it Halcyon green (Sherwin Williams) same color as Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue. I make my own chalk paint with the Sherwin Williams paint.  I put on clear wax (Cee Cee Caldwells) in some of the areas that I knew I would be distressing. Then the next day I painted the next coat -Caen Stone (Sherwin Williams).  My next step was to sand lightly to let the blue color show through. I didn’t want the white primer to come through too much.

IMG_6560_collageI then put a coat of clear wax and waited a day and then put Annie Sloan dark wax mixed in with some of the clear wax.  It really needed the dark wax.  When you have two completely different colors it is too much contrast and the dark wax makes it all come together.  The dark wax does have to be wiped off with cheesecloth or a lint free cloth. Both waxes act as a sealer so you do not need to put any varnish unless you are going to place it outside.

This is the bench in my shop with the pillows. The cushion will be ready soon.

This is the bench in my shop with the pillows. The cushion will be ready soon. I love the bird fabric on the pillows and it really brings out the blue color in the bench.  Thanks to my husband and sister for their help with this project.


Here it is with the cushion. It is for sale for $300.



Teena Original Settee from the 50’s reupholstered and painted


Before Picture

After Picture

After Picture

My daughter ,who is a professional photographer, purchased this settee a couple of years ago for use in her photo shoots. It is labeled Teena Original and from research online I found it is from the 50’s and seemed  rare as far as this type settee.  As you can see the velvet type material was faded and torn. It was also missing some of the tacks. I have never upholstered something with tufting and tacks so I decided to take on this project and learn how to do something new. ( I actually needed this to keep my mind off of a stressful situation going on with my family – Crafting is always great therapy for me!) I went to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby, and bought the fabric. I knew I wanted something vintage and found this wonderful print of old Photography studio cards. (Perfect for my daughter!) My plan was to do the hearts (backs of the settee) 1st and see how that goes and then decide if I could do the seat. Because I was able to reuse the original foam and tacks it was easier than I thought. The two biggest challenges were to figure out how to cover the 51 tacks with the material and replacing the original tacks that were missing.  With my sister’s help we came up with a solution. We used a button cover kit to cover the new button with the cloth, cut off the button shank (had no idea what that was called till I looked it up on internet – LOL!), and then glued the old upholstery tack inside of the button. I bought new tacks to replace the ones missing.  These were the hardest to get to stay because they were not as sturdy and the tops were not flat so they didn’t glue in the button cover very well.  I found a really cool tool that has a magnet that goes on the tack and then you hammer on that. The tufting part was pretty easy since I just tucked it in the original creases. I did look at some youtube tutorials to see how it is done. Overall it was a great experience and now I will I will not look the other way when I see a piece of furniture for sale that is tufted and needs to be redone. I made a few collages that will show some of the steps in doing this project. My daughter is very happy with it and she is using it in her home and will sometimes use it in photo shoots. She has been warned to be very careful with it and not tote it around to her outside shoots. We’ll see how that goes!

Some of the steps in covering each tack

Some of the steps in covering each tack

I tried to match the material on the button to the area it was being tacked into.

I tried to match the material on the button to the area it was being tacked into.

I painted the wrought iron base of the settee two tones of coral and distressed lightly.

I painted the wrought iron base of the settee two tones of coral and distressed lightly.

Here it is in my daughter's house.

Here it is in my daughter’s house.

update: My daughter’s house was flooded in the flood of 2016 in Louisiana. The piece is made of iron so I may be able to salvage that part but all of the hard work put into the upholstery – sadly gone -and I don’t know if I can ever do that again without having the original foam to work with.

Vintage wooden baby high chair

This is a sturdy wooden baby high chair with removable tray. It has been painted antique white and clear waxed. The tray has polycrylic for easy cleanup. Priced at $85.00. Sold a few minutes after I posted this.

high chair collage

Before                                                     After


This matches the Antique white kitchen table and chairs that I have in my shop on sale for $500.

high chair pic 1

Vintage Mersman Coffee table with removable glass tray

before oval coffee table taking veneer offBefore pics of coffee table – You can see how the veneer on top was damaged and had to be removed. It was also in need of new screws and the glass on the tray had to be replaced.

IMG_9238 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After removing the veneer the top was a little rough so I decided to decoupage an assortment of lace. Then I placed a vintage crocheted doily on top. The doily can be removed and other items could be used instead such as vintage pictures or postcards. I am leaving that up to the buyer. The glass tray sets on top of the table and can be removed to be used as a tray or it could be glued on permanently.  This unique coffee table is priced at $125.