Featured project of the week – Hawaii end table

hawaii table 3I bought this table at an auction a long time ago. It went through some hard times – a broken leg, then a lost broken leg but finally it got refurbished this week. I found reproduction vintage postcards of Hawaii while on my vacation there and decided to decoupage them on this table. I couldn’t find the before picture of the table but it was an olive green color when I bought it. I painted it a light gold, distressed it and decoupaged the postcards on top, and antique glazed the whole piece. I tried something new from the advise of my artist friend, Amy Turner. I tore the edges of the postcards to make them look truly old and it also works well with soaking up the antiquing glaze. Then I brought the table over to the Glass House and got a piece of glass made for the top. I am going to use this at my house and it will be a great reminder of our wonderful trip to Hawaii. I do plan to put a polycrylic coat on it to seal it.

My Hawaii table

My Hawaii table finished


This shows the postcards better but it was before it was antiqued.


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