Sneak Peek of some recent projects

There has been a lot of activity going on in the workshop in “Ginger’s Attic”.  I have been getting to all those projects that have been stored in my workshop for a while.  I wasn’t allowing myself to buy any new pieces till I got those done. My husband made a bench out of a twin headboard that I had painted and distressed.   A cabinet that we use in the dessert room in our restaurant got an update with some fresh paint.  An old rocker and chair got a makeover and my newest project is a full size bed (not sure whether it will become a bench or not). I have to get all of these projects out of the way because a workshop has been scheduled for Sat., March 7. Here is a sneak peak of two of the projects. The before and after pictures will be posted on the website soon.


IMG_9432 IMG_9434


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